Weight management

Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning for your fasted workout, giving up carbohydrates and sweets but your body fat percentage remains unchanged? Or do you feel like you’ve been eating all day but haven’t gained a single bit of weight? Don’t waste your time with unnecessary starvation and bad workouts. Let’s plan your diet properly.  Whether you want to reduce your body fat mass for visual reasons, need to make weight for the next fight or finally want to gain some mass – I will help you. Are you ready to lose or gain weight sustainably? 

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Our consultations are covered by both basic insurance (with a doctor’s prescription) and supplementary health insurance. We are happy to support you in acquiring a medical prescription.

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Eine engagierte Boxerin in Kampfsportausrüstung führt einen kraftvollen Schlag gegen einen Boxsack durch, was die Bedeutung von Gewichtsmanagement in Sportarten mit Gewichtsklassen unterstreicht, wie es häufig in sportlichen Beratungen thematisiert wird

Mastering weight classes: Guide to a healthy weight - Part 1

Optimal weight management is of great importance in sports with weight classes. Athletes need to maximise their performance and compete in specific weight classes. This requires a balance between strength and optimal body weight. In this we offer practical tips to control weight healthily, improve performance and optimise health.
Eine Sportlerin in Kampfsportbekleidung und roten Boxhandschuhen tritt hoch in ein Schlagpolster, das von einem Trainer gehalten wird, der zur Abwehr beide Schlagpolster vor sein Gesicht hält. Sie sind draussen mit einem klaren Himmel im Hintergrund.

Mastering weight classes: Guide to a healthy weight - Part 2

In sports with weight classes, such as boxing, wrestling, judo or MMA, acute weight loss is often crucial in order to compete in the favoured class. The ability to reduce weight in the short term is essential for optimal performance in competition. However, caution is advised: The process of acute weight loss can carry risks if not carefully planned and executed.