Nutrition & Psychology

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The connection between body and mind plays a central role in our well-being. Especially when it comes to nutrition, it becomes clear how closely our psyche and our eating habits are interwoven.

Have you ever wondered why you reach for certain foods when you are stressed, sad or overjoyed? Or how your thoughts and emotions influence your food choices? Here at Compeat Nutrition, we explore this connection with you and offer you a safe space to understand and positively change your eating habits. Our goal is to help you build a harmonious relationship with food and your body that supports and promotes your mental health.

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Every journey begins with a first step. In our nutritional psychology consultation, we take the time to listen to your personal stories and experiences around food. Together, we look at what factors – be it stress, emotions or deep-rooted beliefs – influence your diet. Using a personalised approach, we develop strategies to help you make conscious choices that benefit your health and well-being.

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Emotional Eating

Have you ever wondered why certain emotions lead you to the fridge? Food and emotions are closely linked. In counselling, you will learn to recognise emotions and develop strategies to deal with them without resorting to unhealthy eating habits.

Eine sehr dünne Frau sitzt vor einem Tisch mit Gebäck und zeigt mit ablehnender Geste, dass sie es nicht essen will.
Disordered Eating

Have you ever wondered why eating can sometimes be so complicated? There are many reasons behind eating disorders, but it is possible to achieve a balanced relationship with food and your own body. It starts with understanding your own needs.

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Nutrition & Depression

Discover how a nutritious diet can boost your mood and help you overcome depression. Our counselling shows you simple but effective ways to increase your emotional well-being with food.

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Stress & Nutrition

Stress can affect our diet in many ways - from cravings to loss of appetite. By understanding the effects of stress on our bodies, we can learn to eat more consciously instead of using food as a way to relieve stress.

Health insurance

Our consultations are covered by both basic insurance (with a doctor’s prescription) and supplementary health insurance. We are happy to support you in acquiring a medical prescription.

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If you’re ready to explore and positively shape your relationship with food and your mind, book your first consultation with us today. Together, we’ll find out what works for you and set goals to improve not only your diet but also your mental health.