Sports Nutriton

Optimized sports nutrition is an important factor in achieving the best possible performance, whether in strength, endurance or team sports. It can improve performance during training and competition and shorten recovery time.

When and what should you eat before and after training? Do you really need protein shakes to gain muscles and should you eat as few or as many carbohydrates as possible?

I’m here to help you bring order to the chaos of myths surrounding sports nutrition. I will provide you with evidence-based knowledge and individual practical tips. In order for you to reach your sports goal.

When does it make sense to seek advice?

If any of the listed points apply to you, I recommend that you make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation.

This can be an indication that you have been eating too little for a long time. You should definitely check this – for your health and in order to be able to develop further in terms of performance.

You may be underestimating your energy needs or the timing of your meals may not be ideal. It is not only the energy and protein intake that matters, but also how we distribute it throughout the day.

Dietary supplements can be contaminated with substances that are on the WADA Prohibited List. You should therefore only take substances that are useful or necessary. Let me advise you so that you do not take unnecessary risks.

The absence of the period is not normal and should be checked. In addition to other factors, insufficient energy intake may also be a reason for this.

In sports, this is often a sign that the diet does not match the training volume. In most cases, this can be controlled by adapting the diet to the training.

This is a sign that your diet does not match your training volume. In the long run, this can slow down your performance development. Let’s discuss this in a one-on-one conversation.