Compeat Nutrition - Your dietitian for greater performance

We perform every day – in sports, in everyday life or at work.
Optimized nutrition enables long-term well-being and sustained performance.

Compeat Nutrition is your partner for targeted and efficient inputs and quickly noticeable changes to improve physical and cognitive performance. Furthermore, Compeat Nutrition offers you a sustainable and individual support in various topics by sports dietitian Céline Matter.

Whether you are an amateur or competitive athlete, esport athlete or company – Compeat Nutrition has the right offer for you to optimize your desired performance.

My consulting focus areas

My Philosophy

Our diet is and can be more than just providing us with energy and influencing our weight. It is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not restrictive and obsessive. Giving our bodies the energy it needs to function properly is so much more rewarding than trying to get in our own way with overly restrictive diets. Enjoyment, health, performance and having fun are key factors for a successful dietary change and optimisation. After all, we can only hit the ground running if our batteries are full!

My Services

Nutritional counseling

See how a consultation is organized and learn when the costs are covered by the basic health insurance.

Medical measurements

Learn more about your current body composition or how much energy your body actually requires.

Presentations & Workshops

Looking for an informative and practical input? I would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Corporate health management

The health of employees is crucial for their motivation and performance in the long term.

Blog posts

On my blog, you’ ll find articles on topics related to sports nutrition, nutrition in esports and a healthy diet.

We are talking about the steps to successful muscle building or how our diet influences our sleep.

Client Feedback