Medical measurements

Body composition measurement

Visualize your progress with a measurement of your personal body composition using BIA measurement. 

The BIA measurement provides information about the distribution of your muscle and fat mass as well as your water balance. As a status determination for you and as an indicator for the consultation, to help you reach your goal and always know where you currently stand.

BIA-Messung in einem Labor

A bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) determines the composition of fat and muscle tissue and water balance in the body, based on electrical resistance measurement. 

To measure the body parameters, a weak current is sent through the body. The body materials have different conductivities and resistances. This allows the proportions of muscle mass and body fat to be calculated using complex formulas.

The graphical evaluation presents an accurate and comprehensive picture of body composition, balances and imbalances, and classification compared to your age group.

The measurement takes between 5-15 min. The measurement is performed in one of my medical partner clinics and charged directly by them. Prices from Fr. 35.- per measurement. If you are interested, please contact me personally.

Measurement of resting energy requirement

Whether you want to build muscle, get your body in top shape, lose weight or stay / become healthy and fit – the better you know yourself and your body, the more targeted and effective you can eat.

The Dynostics performance and metabolism analysis offers you a holistic test according to the latest scientific findings. This allows you to adjust your diet specifically to your goals.

Stoffwechselanalyse - Frau mit Maske

The individual respiratory gas parameters are recorded via a special mask that is put on. The exhaled air is then analyzed for its exact composition for about five minutes. In conjunction with the Dynostics analyzer and the associated app, the results can be read immediately after the measurement. The functions of the app largely correspond to those of professional calorimetry in a sports medicine institute. They provide exact as well as high-quality results.

The metabolic or respiratory gas analysis is used in the training area for a detailed analysis of the metabolism. The parameters collected during the analysis provide valid information about the current metabolic situation of the person being tested. By combining this with other individual measurements and the person’s ability to regenerate, an overall picture can be created which, although only a snapshot, can serve as a good basis for an individual nutrition and training program: The progress that can be achieved in the course of training on the basis of these programs becomes particularly comprehensible for the trainee through comparison with the initial situation and thus has an additional motivating effect.

The data collected can be used to determine a person’s individual basal metabolic rate, which depends on many other factors in addition to height, gender and age and can only be roughly estimated without exact values – a classic example of planning errors during training. Likewise, the proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fat in the burn can be determined, which helps the tested persons to gain a deeper insight into the correlation between nutrition and training effects.

The measurement takes 5 min including 10-15 mi n preparation time. The measurement is performed at Merian Santé and charged directly there. Price: Fr. 65.- If you are interested, please contact me personally to schedule the measurement.