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Compeat Nutrition - Basel-Stadt and Baselland

Compeat Nutrition is now active at various locations in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Baselland. We provide advice directly on site at the respective doctor’s practice. As we cannot divide ourselves in two, we are only at the respective locations on selected days. More information can be found below.

Ein Büro mit zwei weißen Schreibtischen und Stühlen, ein großes Fenster mit Blick auf grüne Bäume, Zimmerpflanzen und Wandbildern, die Modeillustrationen aus Früchten und Gemüsen zeigt.



Bundesstrasse 1, 4054 Basel

This is the headquarters of Compeat Nutrition and the majority of the team is based here. The following days are covered: Monday – Friday


Praxis Molteni

Bundesstrasse 1, 4054 Basel

As a second location, Céline works at the Molteni practice every 2nd Tuesday afternoon from 13:15 to 17:15. The modern practice is only a 5-minute walk from Sissach railway station.



Gartenstrasse , 4402 Frenkendorf

Our 3rd location is right next to Frenkendorf railway station and can be reached on foot from there in just 2 minutes. From mid-April, Céline will be available all Monday and, depending on the week, also on Tuesday morning or Friday morning.


Praxis im Brühl

Gewerbestrasse 3, 4416 Bubendorf

Combining nutritional advice and grocery shopping? No problem. The practice is located directly above the Coop and thus interactive consultations can also take place. Céline is available every 2nd Friday afternoon from 1-5pm.