Hi, I am Céline Matter

As a registered dietitian BSc SVDE I will help you to optimize your nutrition so that you can reach your personal goal!

Since 2016 I have been working as a nutritionist with a focus on sports nutrition and during this time I was able to accompany a number of athletes on their journey. I am convinced that athletic performance can always be improved through an adjusted diet. This is the case in classic sports as well as in e-sports. In addition to my passion for sports nutrition, I am also passionate about improving our well-being through nutrition and trying to do my part to combat discrimination against people who are living in alarger body. It is a great concern for me to show you how we can come into balance with our body without following strict diets, but with all the more enjoyment.

With Compeat Nutrition I combine my professional as well as personal experiences from sports, e-sports and the approach of a more intuitive nutrition.

Céline Matter von Compeat Nutrition

My philosophy

Our diet can be more than just providing us with energy and influencing our weight. It is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not restrictive and obsessive. Giving our bodies the energy it needs to function properly is so much more rewarding than trying to get in our own way with overly restrictive diets.
Enjoyment, health, performance and having fun are key factors for a successful dietary change and optimisation.
After all, we can only hit the ground running if our batteries are full!

My career path

If you want to know more about my educations and further trainings or my professional experiences you can click on my curriculum vitae. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

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In addition to work, I am involved in different associations and am a member of specialized working groups. This is how I ensure that my knowledge is always up to date and that there is also room for case discussions. 

Publications, Videos and Podcasts

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Cooperation / Partners

Thanks to my partners, I can provide you with a variety of other services and can ensure that you also find a fitting partner for concerns beyond nutrition.